Philosophy - French Kiss Cafe



Our Philosophy

“You must Love what you do”

WE certainly DO! The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and the only way to feel great is by sharing it!

That's why we are convinced that a happy workplace makes happy customers. In order to do so,we have created a positive work environment, with positive practices.

We believe in “FairTrade All the Way”, starting right here; donating food to the less fortunate and all the way to support and improve the lives of the peoples in those beautiful exotic countries where some of our products are originated.

We believe in taking initiative to protect our environment and continually pursuing sustainability efforts. We donate to diverse organisations.This philosophy influences every part of the way we do business. We choose our suppliers with care so we know they share the same love, passion and commitment as we do. In serving our customers and partnering with our suppliers, we work towards fostering a sense of community and sustainability, we hope will make a nicer world one little cup of coffee at a time.

In this busy and constantly changing world, we invite you to escape to a place where friends reconnect and new friendships are forged over the shared appreciation of delicious coffee, simple food and good company. In a space where you can relax in the sun, enjoying a bit of fresh air while music mingles with the murmur of conversation.

We have a wide selection of pastries, cakes, savory rolls and sandwiches, as well as cold drinks such as Karma Cola, Phoenix, Charlie's and more...

We use organic Fairtrade and Real trade coffee that has been freshly roasted by Havana, We have and use a Unique blend of coffee that we call the”Kiss Blend” witch is the result of a mutual passion for coffee, we use Organic Milk From Zany Zeus, raw Sugar, Organic Soya Milk, Organic Decaffeinated coffee.