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Our Story

Co Owners Mathieu Moro & Lise Perichon

We originate from the south east of France, and Italy, an area with a history steeped in fine Mediterranean food. We met each other whilst working together for one of the biggest organic shops, and Organic supplier in the Riviera. After leaving France we spent one year traveling around New Zealand. It didn't take us long to discover a deep passion for the kiwi way of life and we decided to stay.

The creation of the "French Kiss Cafe" stemmed out of a positive collaboration of ideas between ourselves and our New Zealand friends. Our project was to set up an outdoor french food cafe,with the aim of providing good quality food and beverages at affordable prices Promoting Organic,GE free,Fair trade...

What our lovely customers say

French Kiss Café: Sometimes, on those brisk days, you want a cup of coffee that's murderously strong and hot, teamed with something warm and filling for your stomach. That's when you head to the French Kiss Café trailer in Post Office Square, where Matthieu and Lise, French new Kiwis, will serve you some Havana coffee.

My addiction to the coffee served here is so bad I have to buy a prepaid card. Matthieu and Lise are a fantastic pair who are always happy and serve the most wonderful lattes. They have made this very long winter tolerable!!!!

by Noreen Cody

When the Sun comes out the people do too, and for good reason as French Kiss consistently knocks out the best damn coffee I've ever drunk!Cheers!

by Carlos

French Kiss Cafe serves my favorite coffee. It is without a doubt the best coffee I've EVER had. I won't buy coffee anywhere else, they make it exactly how I like it, Lise is always smiling and when they're not too busy, the conversation is stimulating. They're my winners!

by Adrianne Pollock

I'm so lucky to have the French Kiss Cafe right outside my work. It was a good day for Wellington when M & L pulled their caravan into PO Square. And Matthieu takes coffee so seriously, it's kinda cute.

by Leighcat

Love the Coffee and the great company of Lise and Mathieu at the French Kiss Cafe.They are TOPS with us.

by Jane Meehan

French Kiss Cafe - Matt and Lise always have a smile and a kind word, never mind a flat white to die for. Warm friendly service with damned fine coffee, topped of with exquisite pastries. Well worth the wait when the sun is out and the queue is long.

by Simon M

French Kiss is the best thing to hit Wellington in a long long time. Mathieu & Lise are fantastic people and I rate their coffee and food very highly.

by Theearl

French Kiss, Matt and Lise are a joy to have in Post Office Square. Having a great coffee and a chat is a great way to pass an hour lunch break. They know every 1 and its a joy to drink there.

The food also is great. They have taken NZ to heart may it continue

by james grigg